Why Should You Use Our Trading Bot


Any Indicator or Strategy

Automate any Indicator or strategy from Tradingview.


Easy UI

Very User Friendly Set-Up, Made For Beginners and Advanced Traders.


Fast Execution

Rapid Trade Entries From Signals to Exchange


Trading Automation

Here Are Some Of The Features Of What Our Bot Can Do.


You Can Use % or $ Values When Placing Orders

  • Add 1 or Up To 3 Take Profits Per Trade.
  • Add A StopLoss Or a Trailing Stop.
  • Reversal Trades, Closing Open Position And Switching Side.
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Closing Trades Can Be Done Without Adding SL or TP to Orders or With.

  • Set Exit Condition On Your Indicator Or Chart.
  • Close Using a Take Profit or Stop Loss.
  • By Using a Trade Reversal You Can Close Your Current Trade.
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Multiple Exchanges

  • You Can Connect Multiple Exchanges at The Same Time.
  • You Can Set Up Multiple Symbols & Exchanges To Trade at The Same Time.
  • More Exchanges Will Be Added.
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Tradingview Indicators

Check Out Our Tradingview Library For Our Indicators

  • Easy Set Up - Buy and Sell Indicators
  • Built In Backtester
  • Swing & Scalp Indicators
  • Momentum Indicators To Trade With The Trend
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Setting Up Your Trading Bot

Pricing Options Table

30 days trial
  • Full Trading Bot Access
  • 1 Indicator
  • 1 Month Discord Support
  • Discount When Upgrading
  • Requirement - (USE OUR Referral Link and Deposit Any Amount)
Active Trader
  • Full Access To Trading Bot
  • Updates Included
  • 30 Day Support
  • Discord Chat Room
Smart Trader ($10 Discount)
  • Full Access To Trading Bot
  • 1 Year Support
  • All Updates and New Features
  • Discord Chat Room
  • New Features Coming Soon
I’ve learnt so much from Dewald over the past 3 years, he’s always coming up with fresh ideas and new ways to break down the charts in order to keep things simple to understand. I’ve always been hopeful about automation and algo trading and it looks like he’s going to nail that too.
Jason K - Discord Member
Actually, I'd like to talk first about Dewald this person The most influential person in my life in 2022. He helped me a lot and I am very grateful to him because he is a good person and a helper for the whole group As for the indicators, they are already among the best indicators that I have used Completely different from the rest of the indicators and the continuous support for it always makes it the best
Fahmyadel - Discord Member
Stepping into crypto has been the biggest learning curve. So much information to take in, so many sources, so many scams, trading styles, investment skills, markets, TA, macro, micro, the list is endless. I caught the last part of the last bull run and now gone through this reversal cycle adding more funds near the top as I didn’t have the knowledge. The loss in folio value makes you frantically search for solutions to get back what’s lost. All confidence lost to trade but realising I need to accumulate now not HODL! Then I stumbled on CRODL. I immediately wanted to sign up for lifetime member ship and did so only several days ago. Simple strategies that have been tried and tested with accurate indicator’s with many to choose from, plus the automation features, and the wealth of information on discord from Dewald and the other members. Dewald has given amazing support and gave me the confidence, even in a few days, to trade again and make profits no matter what the market is doing. Thank you
Fragz - Discord Member
I have been trading for the better part of 15 years and trading Crypto for the last 5 years. I can honestly state that the most profitable trading times have been since I was trading with groups that DW have been a part of. His knowledge of the indicators that he has built for Profit Sniper ( and one he modified for me to personal specs) is profound. He was , and still may be, the engine room for Profit Sniper but is gonna do far better running his own show as he is a teacher and wants to help others. I have been running bots on other platforms for the last 3 years and have just started to go thru DW's videos on automating and , from what I see, these are going to work. I will review my trades here when I have more info.
Fuzzy - Discord Member