Crodl TradingBot

A trusted and Easy to Use Cryptocurrency Trading Bot.

Crodl TradingBot is a Tradingview -> Bybit trading bot that can automate trading functions. You can also manage trades manually from the bot.

Set Alerts & let the Bot do all the work.

Join our Discord Server and get access to our Trading Indicators that are compatible with the Trading Bot. Our Indicators include the following.

  • Buy & Sell Signals
  • Take Profit Levels
  • Stop Loss & Exit Conditions
  • Alert Conditions
  • Compatible with Crypto
  • Compatible with Forex
  • Adjustable Inputs
  • Style Customization

Bybit API

Our Trading Bot uses Bybit's API. A Fast and Reliable Trading Platform used by Millions. Reasons we use Bybit.

  • Low Fees
  • Fast Trade Execution
  • Wide Variety of Currency Pairs
  • Flexable API
  • Support Most Countries

Here are a few reasons why
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Easy to Use

Our goal is to provide Easy to Use trading tools for anyone to use. We focus on providing top trading tools to make your trading journey easier.

Low Prices

We provide our Services at Low Cost so that you can continuesly enjoy the benefits of being a Crodl-Member.


We provide great tools with friendly support to make anyone understand Trading Cryptocurrency better.


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